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These are 3 seperate images placed in a table.

^This is a blank is a transparent .gif.

These are 3 seperate images placed in a table.

Don't worry, spiders,

I keep house



This set is called "Cream,No Sugar". The font used is 'Galleria'. This set incorporates tables to maintain image alignment, including a top table with repeating graphic. A second table with repeating graphic is used here^ as a divider. Either graphic may be used as a top border, or an alternative would be to set this page up with a top frame.


You can contact me by email for all the graphics in a zip file, if you'd like.   


This set  is available as linkware under the Terms & Conditions listed here, and the user is liable for those terms.

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If you use this set for a personal homepage or non-profit site, I only ask for a link-back here ( using the button provided. Any commercial site or sites with profit-generating connections/banners, please e-mail me for information on the minimal usage fee. not link directly to these images...that is bandwidth theft and if I see it occurring, I change the names and URL's, so you will end up with broken us both the hassle! If you don't know how to grab the graphics, please visit the Directory of  Resources for help.



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